Project: Hypanel air-purifying solution

Hypanel OPM is an air purifier designed for small compartmentalized spaces as first response to COVID-19 crisis. It cleans the air between partitions and in cubicles. Hypanel OPM isolates the partitioned space, effectively purifies the air and prevents the dangerous aerosol dispersion. Hypanel OPM is developed especially as a solution for COVID-19 to allow for safe and efficient use of shared spaces for clients and employees.


In 2020, we developed a solution for EUvsVIRUS hackathon to mitigate negative impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on businesses. Most businesses are looking for ways to comply with national restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In most cases, shared spaces cannot efficiently comply with the social distancing rules and maintain their capacity. In many cases, capacity and revenue reductions are decreased by 25-65 %. It is likely that the social distancing becomes the new norm to prevent another wave of COVID-19 or another pandemic.

Due to the change in the hygiene standards and visitor expectations, many businesses are also introducing voluntary measures to protect their clients and employees. A sustainable, verified and safe solution is needed to allow for people to share spaces again without risk to their health.

Restaurant with social distancing
Air streams between Hypanels


Hypanel OPM allows businesses and shared spaces to safely replace the social distancing requirements and to operate at 90-100% capacity compared to their pre-crisis situation.

Hypanel OPM is mounted on partitioning panels which prevent aerosol dispersion and effectively remove 99.98% of airborne virus and bacteria. Hypanel OPM is designed to be mountable on a typical partitioning. It can also be hung from the ceiling, as well.

Because of its unique air circulation profile, Hypanel OPM prevents aerosol dispersion to the larger space.

The innovative use of technology gives Hypanel OPM’s HEPA filters an extended life-time, without the need of frequent replacement. 

Status: This solution has evolved to a novel, portable and compact air-purifier. 

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